How To: Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Massage

We recently visited The Calmm to attend an incredible 2-hour full-body lymph drain workshop and learn the tools to facilitate your own lymphatic drainage massage at home taught by the wonderful Sophie Dulac

Today, we bring you an easy-to-follow, full-body lymphatic drainage massage sequence to incorporate into your daily wellness and self-care routine.

This guide has been created by The Calmm which they have generously allowed us to share with our BAYTHE community, and Sophie Dulac has kindly allowed us to photograph and video the process so we thank them both for this gift. You can watch the series on our TikTok here.

Lymph Activation

Lymph activation is done by pumping or lightly tapping each of the main lymph nodes.

This activation needs to be done in a sequential order to ensure your body continues to drain post activation. 

This routine is great for pre and post exercise to speed up recovery or perfect when you have little time but still want to activate your body each day. 

It should only take 5 minutes. 

Lymph activation points:

  • Above the collarbones
  • Armpits
  • Elbows
  • Cisterna chyli / upper stomach
  • Inside hips
  • Groin
  • Behind the knees
  • Below the ankle bone on inside and outside

NOTE: When doing full body drainage, if you want to see the drainage of each section, don't activate all the nodes before but rather, each section as you go. Start from the feet up.lymphatic drainage

Full body drain

Sweep towards the heart. Where you can, use two hands using a flicking motion at the end of the stroke. Repeat these strokes as required.

  1. Neck - Continuous downward sweep on the left side of the neck. Repeat on the other side.
  2. Face - place your hands in prayer, bring your hands up to your face and sweep from your midline (nose) out towards your ears. Repeat  times. Next sweep across your forehead, starting at your midline and across towards your temples. Repeat 6 times.
  3. Arms - continuous upward sweeps, starting at the hands on the outside arm and moving up towards the armpit. Repeat on the inside arm.
  4. Chest - rainbow strokes from the sternum out towards the armpit.
  5. Stomach - clockwise strokes around the stomach to encourage the digestion flow.
  6. Ribs - with the heel of your palm, apply circular frictions to the sides of your ribcage. Follow this with light pinching. Work bilaterally.
  7. Legs - continuous upwards sweeps, starting at the feet on the outside leg and moving up towards the groin. Repeat on the inside of the leg. 

sophie dulac the calmm lymphatic drainage

Watch & Follow

Watch Sophie Dulac as she takes you through a full body lymphatic drainage massage in our Lymph series on TikTok HERE

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