BAYTHE is a considered swim and athleisure brand deeply rooted in a journey through self-exploration and wellness, guided by movement.

Our ethos is thoughtful and refined. Our subtle yet distinct designs transcend seasons and trends, translate with ease across your wardrobe and create clarity and purpose in your life.

Blending function and form with an element of flow, each piece is carefully constructed to assist you on your wellness journey. We focus on comfort and versatility, using innovative and responsible fabrics to ensure a sustainable approach in our production.

Working closely with our manufacturers here in Australia, we create high-quality pieces to stand the test of time.

Our commitment to self-exploration, wellness and movement is practiced across all aspects of BAYTHE, and we're here to give you the tools to assist you on your journey.

A return to self, guided by movement

\ ˈbāt͟h \

a play on the word bathe: the act of immersing yourself in water to cleanse the body, or leisure time spent in the ocean or pool.