BAYTHE is a premium swimwear-meets-activewear label committed to sustainable fashion. 

Our brand name is a play on the word ‘bathe’ – the act of immersing yourself in water to cleanse the body; or leisure time spent in the ocean or pool.

It’s this idea of cleansing the naked body as a way of returning to our natural state, or starting with a blank canvas, that BAYTHE taps into. We celebrate the natural form and encourage making ethical choices on how we dress and live – with intention, care and respect for the planet and ourselves.

Our designs are created with multi-functionality and longevity in mind. Each piece is made to be worn in the water, to studio-style workouts such as yoga, Pilates and barre, and as undergarments or complementary wardrobe pieces.

We want to give women of all shapes and sizes the confidence, comfort and understated sexiness they’ve always wanted in a swimsuit with a style that’s pared back, sophisticated and made to flatter.

All our pieces can be mixed and matched and each collection is focussed on giving the female body the support it deserves, providing fullness control, bust and tummy support and coverage in all the right places.

BAYTHE is an independent brand founded in 2017 by Australian local Bondi Beach creative Tina Ishak after she recognised a need for more versatile and premium quality swimwear essentials.

The BAYTHE aesthetic is inspired by the Bondi Beach culture: its laid-back attitude, fashion-forward style, and active, ocean-loving lifestyle. The brand is also a reflection of its founder’s own style – contemporary minimalism that’s effortless and sophisticated.

Proudly designed in Bondi Beach and handmade in Australia.