At home with VOGUE stylist Rebecca Shalala

An at home series with VOGUE magazine fashion stylist Rebecca Shalala who also styled our Movement campaign models.

1. What has been your go-to item for looking and feeling good in isolation? 

A pair of Viktoria and Woods pants that I bought a couple of months ago. They're high waisted straight leg fit and are so comfortable whilst making me feel a little bit put together.

2. Have you embraced the loungewear trend?
Absolutely. Prior to this self-isolation period you wouldn't have seen me wearing or buying loungewear. Mainly because I love dressing up but I also now realise that it was because my time at home was so limited that there was never a need for it. 7 weeks of working from home later, and I have fully embraced it. There is something seriously liberating about simplifying what you are wearing. But, whilst I'm enjoying it for now I'm still looking forward to pulling out all of my statement pieces again!

3. What have you been doing to fill your creative juices?
I've never felt more inspired than I do at the moment and I guess that's because life is a little slower which has allowed me to pickup hobbies again. When I'm not working I'm taking photos, reading, cooking and drawing.

4. What's your go-to beauty product?
My go-to beauty product would have to be Rationale's Beautiful Skin superfluid. It's SPF50+ so still gives you that protection whilst also acting as a sheer coverage evening out your skin tone. I don't like wearing heavy bases especially if i'm not going anywhere so this is the perfect product for that.

5. What has this time shown you to be most grateful for?
I am so grateful for this time to myself. I used to jam-pack my weekdays and weekends but I don't think I realised the effect of that until this forced isolation came about. I hope that once this is all over we continue to make time for ourselves, our hobbies, families and loved ones and just slow down.

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