At home with our Founder Tina on this Mother's Day

How have you been spending your time during isolation?

I’ve really been embracing this slower pace of life and not having to rush around all the time. 

I have a beautiful little boy who keeps me busy but I’m enjoying spending as much time with him as possible in between my work.

I’ve also been focusing on keeping active every day with Fluidform Pilates and mixing in online yoga classes where I can.

Reading and looking through beautiful photography books also gives me inspiration and gets me feeling and thinking more creatively. My current fave is KATE by Mario Sorrenti.

What self care routine have you embraced?

I’ve started doing two things to increase lymphatic drainage in the body and boost circulation.

One of them is Gua Sha which I generally do after my evening skincare routine once I've used my night cream.

The other is dry body brushing before my showers which I do most days, this helps reduce any water retention and appearance of cellulite.

I’ve also been diffusing the Doettera Lavender Peace which smells amazing and so soothing in the evenings and lathering my hands in Aesop hand cream.

What do you most enjoy about being a mother?

I love the love that you have for your own child, it's really unlike anything else.

Being a mum is a challenging role, and at times it can be a juggle when working or trying to prioritise some time alone but, I get so much joy in watching my son play, have fun and experience things for the first time in life. I really just enjoy being in the moment and having gratitude for all the little things in life.

What are your go to staples for dressing in isolation?

I generally have activewear on for ease and comfort as I'm chasing after my son most days. Usually leggings which I team with a top from my movement collection so I can get into my home workouts on the balcony whenever I get the spare time. I usually layer with shirts or tops and cosy jackets but my style is really simple and neutral.

What’s your one tip for others who may be finding this time challenging?

Go with your own flow. There’s so much going on at the moment with goal setting and achieving during this time and if that's what motivates you then great but, if it isn't then that's also completely fine. It's a great use of your time to simply sit in idle and to do nothing if that's what you need. Do nothing and embrace it. In fact what a luxury it is to rest the body and mind.

What are you missing most during this time?

Definitely seeing my friends and family in the flesh!  I also miss going to my yoga studio Power Living for my practise as it's really my place of solitude from home and helps keeps me centered. I find my days flow with much more ease when I'm practising there most days and I'm looking forward to getting back to it.

And lastly a dip at Icebergs pool, which always leaves me feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

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