At home with brand marketing creative Colby Milano

We sat down to have a virtual chat to our dear friend and muse, creative brand marketing talent Colby Milano on isolating, self care and things she is grateful for.

How have you adapted to this new living situation?

Honestly, I have in some ways and haven’t in others.

I’m grateful and lucky to have switched over to full time freelance and consulting work a couple of months ago, so working from home has been somewhat the same for me.

I do miss being able to have coffee catch-up meetings with clients, and the ability to work freely from some of my favourite local cafes to break up the day.

Aside from working from home, I generally spend all of my down time outside so that has been a struggle. I love fresh air, the sun and the ocean. It’s still a work in progress but I’m finding walking for exercise, and laying in our back garden for some peace of mind, to be doing the trick.

What’s one self-care ritual you’ve incorporated into your life?

Doing my nails! I love taking an extra hot shower in the evening and then sticking on my robe, brushing my hair, throwing on a mask or do my serum routines and chilling out. I’ve now added an at home mani / pedi to that list when I need it.

Tell us about your creative outlet.

My creative outlet is spending time in nature and spending time with family and friends. Both of which I (and everyone) can’t really do or fully experience right now. While this totally sucks, I am incredibly grateful and lucky to have a comfortable place to self-isolate in and am more concerned with the health and safety of my loved ones and society than my creativity.

I’ve learned that more hands-on work such as tending to my plants or cooking
and baking has been a great way to stay in the moment, and get my mind off of this stressful situation. I guess this has become more of a focus for my creativity.

What are you grateful for most during this time?

Many things! I’m grateful to have clients that trust me to do my work which coincides with keeping me in a job, I’m grateful to have such a supportive partner, friends and family. I’m grateful for the health of my friends and family, especially my immediate family in New York, during such a difficult time.


What are you looking forward to on the other side of the current situation?

Getting on a plane to New York and giving my parents, sisters, nieces / nephews and friends big hugs and kisses!! They’ve never felt so far away until now. I know it will be a while until I can see them again but I am really looking forward to that day.

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