Wellness: Health and beauty treatments to add to your lifestyle

Here at BAYTHE we are all about health and wellness as part of our daily lifestyle and one that we feel passionately about. We are always on the hunt for complimentary treatments that can add more and elevate our sense of wellbeing.

We met with the wonderful Barbara Choy, Founder of MO+ a beautiful space for wellness, health and beauty and a Nature Room that is so serene, it will transport you away from the daily grind and into an immediate sense of relaxation. 

1. What inspired you to create the beautiful health and wellness space that is MO+?

Prior to starting MO+, I had a very traditional corporate accounting background with just over four years at Unilever in Trade Marketing Accounting, before re-inventing myself with a Marketing Degree that was followed by over seventeen years in Events Marketing for varying companies. Whilst, I always loved what I was doing and had wonderful experiences, I never felt quite complete. These corporate roles were incredibly demanding and somewhat soul destroying because ‘businesses’ focused on the health of the business over the people. I wanted to contribute to the world in a more engaging and meaningful way that uplifted people and was of physical and spiritual significance. I wanted the life I led to have legacy and heart. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t think I would one day head up my own business. After two decades of corporate life, an environment where I realised people were generally unwell, unhappy and disassociated from their bodies and their spirits, I knew I needed to break from the corporate world - it can be draining and demanding. By my mid-thirties, I knew I had to start a business in wellness, helping people feel less overwhelmed by the daily grind.

2. What treatment would you recommend for women who are generally healthy and active and would like to introduce a wellness treatment into their lifestyle?

If you’re already fit and healthy but would like to introduce yourself to a wellness treatment, I would recommend an Intuitive Guided Massage to help foster a sense of grounding within yourself. The treatment is not totally esoteric, it has some wonderfully long languid massage strokes to help ease out any tension, however the massage is guided by what the body has to say. If you listen to your body, it will tell you what you need.

3. What's the most underrated/emerging treatment that has phenomenal benefits?

Without a doubt, it would have to be light therapy. The totality of what light therapy can assist the body with is only now emerging and still being discovered. I cannot blow the trumpet any louder on the tremendous impacts of light therapy to assist the body to heal itself. Whether used for beauty treatments or damaged soft tissue from strained muscles, light therapy is on the rise and will play a huge role in the future of wellness. The Celluma Light Panel that we use at MO+ is developed with technology that NASA uses for their light therapy panels.
4. Do you have any tips for incorporating natural remedies or alternatives to harsh chemicals or treatment procedures?

It’s very difficult these days to be totally chemical free – I believe that science, in the way of treatment products, has a lot to offer our wellness journey. I love indulging, but with common sense - opting for products that may have a chemical component but aren’t damaging or harsh on the skin. While we offer traditional clean therapies at MO+, I also love good, well-researched chemical-based treatments every so often. However, with your clean therapies include a product that, for examples contains an ingredient such as Blue Tansy Oil, which is great for calming the skin and helping with the nervous system. We offer a beautiful product by Theseeke called Balance Elixr – it contains Blue Tansy and is a real treat for the skin.
5. What's your must-have summer beauty essential

That’s easy – weekly light therapy sessions and a great SPF. Whilst I’m a summer sun lover – you will regularly find me at Bondi Beach – sun damage is not your friend when it comes to skin health and aging. Staying covered up in the sun with your favourite sunscreen and hat is essential – however, adding weekly light therapy treatments on top is how I like to look after my skin in the warmer months.

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