The Power Of The Face: What Can Facial Reflexology Do For You?

Let’s face it: many of us are feeling a little ‘off’ lately. Our busy work schedules, social commitments and incessant ‘doom scrolling’ can leave us feeling a little under the weather. Off the back of a tumultuous couple years, it should come as no surprise that our bodies are working in overdrive as the flames that kept the candles burning at both ends have reduced to a mere ember. Not quite ‘sick’ per say, but also not feeling healthy, it can be tricky to figure out what needs to be done to return to a feeling of bodily ease. 

Enter: facial reflexology.

An intimidating name for a relaxing treatment, facial reflexology is simply a way of treating the skin and body imbalances through pressure points in the face. By using tools that work along meridians and focal areas mapped out on the face, the aim is to balance the yin and yang energy in your body. 

On a base level, reflexology believes that the human body contains vital energy that flows through channels, and when obstructed, the energy stagnates in one place, causing imbalances that lead to health problems. All reflexology, including facial reflexology, is aimed at opening up these channels. 

Now, if it sounds a lot like acupuncture, it kind of is: Professor Bùi Quốc Châu, one of the founding facial reflexologists, came up with his own maps and formulas by questioning traditional acupuncture points. The goal: to balance the yin (too little) and yang (excess) energy of the body. 

Given that the skin, and particularly the face, is a mirror of the inner workings of the body, it’s almost surprising that this form of treatment hasn’t been screamed from the rooftops. 

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So, how does it work?

Facial reflexology is largely focused on health benefits like organ function, sinus drainage, or improving circulation. But, much is the way of many treatments, there are also aesthetic upsides too such as clearer skin, brighter eyes, and tauter cheeks and jawline. 

Typically, facial reflexology feels like a mix of soothing and invigorating sensations. Some of the tools are smooth and impart a feeling similar to gua sha. Others feel more like mini jade rollers. Our Base Camp Beauty Reflexology Pen feels like both!

Attention must be drawn to the fact that facial reflexology only functions optimally when you are also caring for yourself in other areas of your life. Movement, sleep hygiene and proper seasonal nutrition are this treatments supporting foundations- lean on them and show your body the love it deserves. 

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