Base Camp Beauty | Stainless Steel Reflexology Pen


Sometimes it's the small things. A deep breath, some pressure on a sore muscle —it's important to take a minute to unwind.

The Base Camp Beauty Reflexology Pen tool is ideal for gentle massage of the face, ears, hands & feet. Relieve muscle stress, tension and stimulate pressure points via our mindfully refined, uncomplicated dual-head pen.

Features a large ball head that's suitable for massaging and sweeping muscles, and a fine head to gently stimulate hard to reach zones. Perfect for a quick respite session, or part of your daily at-home self-care ritual.

Made of fine polished 100% premium stainless steel, the Reflexology Pen is uncomplicated in design, compact & convenient.

Encased in its very own custom travelling sleeve, it's as aesthetically pleasing at home as it is on the go.


Durable 100% Stainless steel, with a seamless, smooth finish. Embellished with a subtly etched logo.

Ball point: ⌀ 5mm
Fine point: ⌀ 2mm


Your Stainless Steel Reflexology Pen tool comes in a protective felt storage sleeve, and quick start guide.


Preparation: Cleanse and dry targeted area. Apply your favourite oil or serum onto your skin.

Ball point: Suitable for massaging and sweeping muscles and large areas.

Fine point: Suitable to gently stimulate hard to reach zones.

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