So, you've heard about the Gua Sha?

When the term ‘wellness’ comes to mind, a slew of images may arise. But in the quest to find balance within one’s body, it can often be important to look toward the skin. 

As our body’s largest organ, it should come as no surprise that what happens inside may find a way of appearing on the outside. 

And vice versa. 

With our skin on the mind, serum’s and creams aplenty have managed to find their way onto our social media pages, but none can seem to surpass the humble appeal of the Gua Sha tool.

Gua Sha is a traditional Eastern-Asian practice that is often translated to English as “scraping.” This practice has been adapted from a full body vigorously detoxifying treatment to a relaxing ritual for the face, neck and decolletage.

So, why should you give it a shot?


Our face and neck often become collateral in our busy schedules. The Gua Sha tool is a front-runner in relieving symptoms associated with stress and posture. Through the use of deep pressure in upward strokes, the Gua Sha can really get into the knotted areas around your neck, jaw and face to allow your supportive muscles to relax and do their jobs properly.


Gua Sha is notoriously known for it’s ability to drain stagnant lymphatic fluid. Through the manual, upward/outward movement, the Gua Sha tool stimulates our lymphatic system, helping our organs function optimally by breaking up stagnation, allowing for the flow of debris and toxins within the body for easier expulsion. This practice can also de-puff the face, allowing for increased circulation to the skin.


The sculpted edges of the Gua Sha work perfectly in lifting, sculpting and tightening the skin. Since the Gua Sha works to stimulate circulation within the face, the technique and routine itself allows for oxygenated and nutrient-filled blood to access the skin cells. The increased blood flow resulting from Gua Sha contributes to a more lively, plumped up and youthful appearance.


The practice of scraping and massaging your skin is a no-brainer in brightening your complexion. However, in conjunction with your favourite serum/moisturiser, the Gua Sha tool can aid in the increased absorption of the products allowing for our skin to be properly hydrated. Gua Sha can also be used to prevent and clear acne, decongesting the skin and lessening inflammation. 


Possibly our favourite reason to invest in the Gua Sha tool. Whether you are receiving a Gua Sha facial from a professional or indulging in a little bit of self-care, the art of Gua Sha is an incredibly grounding routine. The slow, gentle movements accompanied by the tool are deeply relaxing, in turn activating our parasympathetic (relaxed) nervous state.

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