Meet muse Bianca Melas: Our Movement Collection model

Q. How did you start modelling and what do you love about it?

My modeling started quite organically, I was receiving jobs through instagram and helping friends build their own portfolios before I was introduced to my agent Sarah at Precision Mgmt. I loved being given the opportunities to work with different brands and to help recreate their vision as well as expressing my own creative input.

Q. What do you do for a living and where do you see yourself going?

I am still a full time uni student! I am now half way through my Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy). I absolutely love what I study and am so passionate about helping and caring for others. I am also a Pilates instructor, and love nothing more than seeing people walk out of my classes with smiling faces, or receiving messages that they are still feeling the burn in places they didn't know existed days after my classes!!

My absolute dream is to one day combine the two together, practicing as a Naturopath and also continuing to educate people in movement!

Q. How do you like to stay active and healthy?

I'm always so motivated by and sometimes jealous of my clients who get to get in a good workout! So I usually try to get in my own bit of movement for the day after teaching or joining in with my other fellow teachers at Peaches Pilates and Kx Pilates.

I am also a big foodie!! I love cooking with fresh produce and enjoying a wholesome cooked meal! In saying so, I do believe in living a balanced life and having pleasure in foods, you wont see me turn down an ice-cream! Haha!! It's good for the soul too right?

Q. What do you think defines a woman beauty?

Kindess and empathy, I believe true beauty is deeper than the skin.

Q. What is one principle you live by?

Treat others out of love and not fear.

Q. Who inspires you and why?

My beautiful friends and family.

Q. Where's your favourite swimming spot?

The beach you'll catch me at in summer is Clovelly! I love being able to dip in without getting sandy! However I'll always have a soft spot for my local, Maroubra beach. Nothing beats north end on a beautiful summers day!

Q. What are your summer essentials? 

Mango's and cold Rose! (life's about balance, right!?). A beautiful body oil to rehydrate your skin, my favourite's from Aesop. And of course a good bikini!

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