Best women's summer hats 2019

While we love the feeling of the summer sun on our skin, it's always a wise choice to cover up with some sun protection and give your skin a break.  This is particularly important if you're planning on being out in the middle of the day when the sun is at it's peak and UVA/UVB are strongest or if you're roaming around outside for most the day, it's good to give your skin a break!

Here are our favourite women's summer hats for 2019 that will have you feeling protected but still looking chic.

1. Luxe spend

Literally fell in love with this wide brim hat by Gucci after seeing the gorgeous Lara Worthington wear it on holidays this week in Capri, Italy.

GG wide brim hat with snakeskin, 1160 AU

2. All rounder

You can't go past this popular Lack of Colour natural straw hat with black tie detail, it goes with everything and is a real wardrobe staple.

Lack of Colour, The Spencer Boater, 79 AU

3. Keep it active

Perfect for when you're keeping active or want a sporty vibe, New era are the go to for caps and deliver on a huge choice of colours.

New Era LA Baseball Cap, 35 AU

4. All natural visor

The visor is a bit of a statement hat, obviously not as much protection as it's counter parts but still worthy of some cred for face protection and cool vibes. 


Beklina Lina Rennel Jungle Visor, 68 US

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