Imbibe | Collagen Lips


A volumizing, nourishing lip treatment with active collagen peptides.

Plump | Hydrate | Smooth

Collagen peptides with a specific molecular weight of 7kDa dissolve into lips to stimulate collagen and elastin, clinically smoothing and plumping lips. Amino acids in the collagen peptides contain a high content of Glycine, Hydroxyproline, and Proline to help collagen synthesis.

Nourishing Vitamin E, coconut and shea butters deliver key fatty acids and nutrients to moisturize lips and lock in hydration.

Overnight Lip Mask or Lip Balm

Sol C - Bioactive Collagen Hydrolysates are clinically shown to penetrate the skin barrier to stimulate fresh collagen, reduce wrinkle depth and increase skin elasticity. 


Castor OIl, Avocado OIl, Coconut OIl, Macadamia OIl, Jojoba Oil, Glyceryl Rosinate, Octyldodecanol, Gelita Sol C Collagen Peptides (Bovine & Porcine), Coconut Butter, Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Iron Oxides (natural colour)


Unlike the rest of your skin, lips do not naturally have oil glands to keep them soft, hydrated and smooth, meaning topical balms and treatments are crucial.

Collagen Lips combines nourishing oils and vitamins with powerful emollients to deliver hydration directly into your lip tissue. Skin-barrier protecting humectants then seal and lock moisture in place, preventing water loss before it starts.

With a unique Collagen Hydrolysate, formulated to pass through the skin barrier, Collagen Lips also helps to revive and stimulate collagen and elastin, clinically enhancing the look of soft, plump lips and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


Clinical Results
Clinical results for intense hydration, volume retention and wrinkle depth reduction for clinically fuller, healthier lips.

Unique Collagen Structure
Large collagen molecules are clinically formulated with a weight of 6Kda to pass through the skin barrier, stimulating collagen and elastin from within the skin matrix to plump and fill lips naturally

All Natural
100% natural ingredients from plant oils and botanicals, free from all and any chemicals and nasties.

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