IMBIBE | MELTING BALM Polishing Cleanser



For buttery, soft clean skin. Our Super-Intelligent hybrid balm-to-milk cleanser cleverly washes away the day's impurities, makeup and sunscreen whilst simultaneously moisturising, smoothing and brightening the skin, leaving your skin healthier and more hydrated. In consumer trials, 100% of participants agreed that Melting Balm is effective at leaving skin feeling dewy and glowy, after a single use.*

Melting Balm activates your cleanse in four ways.

1. Balm-to-milk cleanser melts to pick up impurities
2. Spherical jojoba esters polish and brighten
3. Hydrating nutrients moisturise.
4. Emollients from fatty acids seal and protect the skin barrier.


Never stripping or drying, Melting Balm cleanses, hydrates and moisturises the skin for a long-lasting, buttery-soft, smooth skin finish that lasts. Our Melting Balm Cleanser fuses together precious fatty acids and activated phytonutrients to melt from Balm-To-Milk, delivering a four-action hybrid technology that deeply cleanses, exfoliates, nourishes, brightens and moisturises your skin.

With the gentle exfoliating action of spherical jojoba esters, congestion and pore-clogging bacteria are eliminated without drying, stripping or creating mico-tears on the skin. This powerhouse combination mimics skin's natural oils to infuse cells with brightening hydration and to treat and prevent acne-causing bacteria.

Rich fatty acids and key nutrients from 7 different precious oils (including moringa, sweet almond, rosehip and hemp) act synergistically to bind and lift away impurities from the skin while reinvigorating cells with vitamins, minerals, and bouncy hydration.


Hemp Seed Oil Cannabinaceae - actively restores the skin barrier while surging skin with hydration, nourishing dry, agitated skin.

Moringa Oil Moringa Oleifera - a multi-purpose extract that calms and nourishes skin while targeting impurities, inflammation, acne-causing bacteria, and oxidative damage.

Rosehip Oil Rosa Canina - rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin A to reduce fine lines, accelerate cellular renewal and regenerate damaged cells.

Spherical Jojoba Esters - An emollient rich in essential fatty acids and extremely regenerative for the skin, helping prevent the appearance of wrinkles and preventing transdermal water loss. Has a smoothing and softening effect on the skin whilst gently exfoliating.

Made in Byron Bay, Australia

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