NATIVSENS | Wood Body Gua Sha


The NATIVSENS wood body gua sha tool is carved from 100% natural beechwood.

The smooth finished curves can easily glide over the skin or clothing. Durable and ideal for long term use. Organic, eco-friendly and chemical-free.

The body gua sha can be used to drain excess water in the lymphatic system, expel residual toxins and fat, sculpt the abdomen, increases blood flow, release stagnant energy trapped in the body and provides the relief that your body needs and deserves.

Gua Sha can also be used for surface tissue massage for the whole body- arms, legs, back and stomach. Nativ Sens body gua sha is effective in the treatment of scar tissue and sore muscles.


Lymphatic drainage

Cellulite reduction

Body contouring

Relieves body pain

Massage therapy

Soft tissue scraping

Open blocked Qi energy channels

Ergonomic design, handheld with anti-slip grip allows comfortable one direction short strokes. Four perfectly carved points for deep tissue/muscle relief massage; enable gentle yet effective continuous pressure without any sharp pricking, bruising or scratching. One can do effortless uninterrupted scraping movement over the affected muscles or tissues.

Professionally recommended wooden tool for pain relief massage. Can be used for self use as well as by professional massage therapists, chiropractors for relieving body pain and relaxing stressed or tired muscles/tissues. Superior quality tool that allows continuous gentle strokes on the desired area.


L 34cm x W 15.5cm

Instructions for use:

Always use on clean skin after shower and apply our Nativ Sens body oil to help smooth and control the scrapping motion.

Massage body in upwards strokes towards the heart. you can read more on various gua sha techniques on our About Gua Sha

For best results, use morning or night for up to 15 minutes and clean thoroughly after each use.

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