A series of conversations with women who inspire, teach and support us on a journey through wellness, movement and leading a more conscious and mindful lifestyle. 

This is a community of women for women, inspiring self-synergy within the physical, emotional and intellectual parts of our being.

Introducing Sascha & Nicole, founders of HOUSE OF SCULPT.


First, we’d love to start this off with a gratitude practice. What’s something you’re grateful for today?

That we feel safe and deeply loved.

Tell us a bit about HOUSE OF SCULPT, how did you get started?

    HOUSE OF SCULPT began as Sculpt by the Sea at Tamarama S.L.S.C. A community space turned Fonda-esque Pilates studio. A community that we craved yet went on to exceed expectations beyond our wildest dreams. 

    A building demolition and a few lockdowns later (like many) we made the pivot online. We were excited by the idea of providing more options to more people. 

    At HOUSE OF SCULPT we believe movement is the ultimate indulgence. We look forward to changing the way our community engages in movement and wellness. 

    Do you have a daily non-negotiable, something you do to get more in touch with your centre (or self)?

      N: A moment, even if it is just a moment, where I just stop, take a breath and try to be in my space – wherever that may be. Plus using my Gua Sha morning and night – a new obsession. (late to the game, I know)

      S: This year I started using a daily gratitude journal which is my non-negotiable. I find journaling in the morning helps centre myself for the day & alleviates any chaotic energy – gratitude truly is the antidote to anxiety!

      As a woman, what do you find is most empowering to you?

      N: My sensitivity and intuition (sometimes a curse but mostly a blessing).

      S: My newly developed skill of saying no.

      What has helped you on your wellness journey, is there a podcast book or someone you follow that you would recommend?

      N: Anything Alison Rice, Esther Perel or Brene Brown read, see, breathe or touch. 

      S: My friends tend to be my biggest inspiration for wellness tips & tricks. Love a bit of Dr Joe Dispenza for all things meditation & gratitude. 

      What advice or practices would you give someone who has just started on their movement/wellness journey?

      The wellness space can be so caught up in how things should look, go back to how it feels – movement is innate to you. No matter how awkward, uncoordinated you may sometimes feel – remember that your movement is yours.

      Start with a consistent choice to move – whether that is every day or once a week. Once you decide, you’ll see the way movement thanks you and it becomes much easier from there.

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      Discover their online pilates platform HOUSE OF SCULPT to keep up with Sascha and Nicole and their journey through movement.

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