A SENSE OF CALM: In Conversation With GRNDED

A series of conversations with women who inspire, teach and support us on a journey through wellness, movement and leading a more conscious and mindful lifestyle. 

This is a community of women for women, inspiring self-synergy within the physical, emotional and intellectual parts of our being.

Introducing Sam Amore, founder of GRNDED.

grnded pilates

First, we’d love to start this off with a gratitude practice. What’s something you’re grateful for today?

I am really grateful for a delicious morning coffee and time with my bestie this morning.

Tell us a bit about GRNDED Pilates, what's inspired you to start your own platform?

Through the lockdowns last year, I started posting Pilates classes on my YouTube channel. I really enjoyed creating classes for friends and family. It was a time where I was practicing pilates at home myself, creating rituals and routines that made me feel the most connected and confident in myself.

I wanted to create a space online that is accessible to many and offer more connection and meaningful content. I would love to share the things that make me feel like my best self!

Some exciting components of the platform are a completely new library of full length pilates classes by me, new weekly classes and schedules, meditation and breath-work practice, a signature grounding aromatherapy room & body spay to create your own ritual, equipment and much more to come.

These are the practices that make me feel the most grounded so that is what has inspired me to start GRNDED.

grnded pilates

What's one thing you do every morning to start your day with positive intentions?

I wake up quite early most days. So to separate the moment I wake up from the rest of the day (most days) I listen to a guided breath work session from my platform. Sometimes I listen to the full 10 minutes, sometimes only 3 minutes but I find this gives me the space to think about the day, my intentions and what I want to achieve.

What does movement/wellness mean to you?

I make the time for movement as a priority in my day because it truly just makes me feel so good! It always brings me out of my head and back into my body.

Wellness to me is all the small daily practices that come together to create a sense of calm in my mind and a nourished healthy body which is so important to me.

What advice or practices would you give someone who has just started on their movement/wellness journey?

I think it’s important to set intentions and have goals in your wellness journey. Start with smaller goals like a daily walk or pilates routine at home, water intake or maybe even committing to a bedtime during the week.

All these simple things layer into a routine on your wellness journey. Also understand that routines are built over months or years, so it’s okay to take it slow and find what works best for you and your lifestyle. Remember to keep balance and have fun with it!

As a woman what do you find is most empowering to you?

I feel like I am my most empowered when I am nourishing my body, moving well and creating space to grow. To feel a great sense of worth, confidence and balance in life. When I am giving myself that time, that’s empowerment to me.
grnded pilates

Explore GRNDED to join Sam Amore on her journey through movement.


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