5 reasons to choose sustainably made swimwear

Ethical and eco-conscious swimwear is on the rise and here are 5 reasons why you should choose sustainably made swimwear. 

1. The impact of fast fashion

It's become fairly widespread knowledge that fast fashion brands (cheaply produced garments produced very quickly to capitalise on trends) are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to over consumption and contribution to environmental waste.

People purchase often, wear once and throw away and keep repeating the cycle where it all ends up as landfill.

Now more than ever it pays to make more careful and considered decisions with your purchases and which brands you support. 

Choose brands that are making positive steps to reduce environmental impacts through the materials used, production processes and packaging.

2. Environmental effects 

We're talking about toxic fashion such as pesticides used, dyes, the amount of water it takes to produce an item, carbon emissions and the waste. We're seeing more recycled fabric options being produced, in particular Econyl which is the fabric we use for Baythe Swim is made out of waste found in our oceans such as fishing nets and plastic bottles and has a double positive effect by clearing out harmful materials impacting our sea life and recreating into a very multi purpose material that can be used to create a variety of products including swimwear, activewear, shoes and even carpet, it seems the possibilities are endless.

3. Materials 

Understand your fabrics and look out for what materials are being used to produce items. Generally speaking look for organic cotton, linen, silk and pay attention to business that are making use of fabric innovation and technology such as Econyl which has a number of superior qualities such as light wicking, UV 50 protection, as this is on the rise.

Manufacturers have more considered options when producing garments so choose the brands making conscious decisions around this. 


4. Support slow fashion and small businesses It's time for businesses to provide greater transparency and accountability around the production of products they're putting out in the world. They are a number of humanitarian aspects to consider when supporting big businesses including human rights, fair pay and artisan craft.

Opt for businesses who aren't chasing mass produced trends and oversupply of products and look for small artisan businesses who aren't mass producing and care about their craft.

5. Minimalist wardrobe

As the saying goes, quality over quantity, so embrace a minimalist wardrobe of carefully considered items that you genuinely love and appreciate for their qualities. Our wardrobes tend to be over filled with items that we never end up wearing so choose wisely the pieces you allow into your home and wardrobe and get the most use out of key pieces. 

With the swimwear industry projected revenue growth by 2023 expected to reach $291.3 million in the US* you can understand this is a big business so making informed decisions about your purchases has a greater impact to the world we live in.

*Source: Statista data

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